House League Volunteers Required. Why should I?

The Thornhill Soccer Club has a long and storied history…one that we want to remember and build on. Our success and history is built on relationships and we must continue to embrace our most important one with our volunteers. We are grateful for their continued support and will continue to lean on them as we grow. We cannot take it for granted that someone else will coach or manage our child’s team. We do not want to be faced with decisions rising from limited human resources.

Our kids are growing up in a very competitive world. Universities and employers are looking for people that have more than just good grades. They are looking for well rounded citizens who are capable in many theatres. They are the future and we must offer them every opportunity to succeed as time does not stand still. These years go by quickly. The kids grow up and move on. People are so wrapped up in working and getting ahead that they lose sight of simple things. Think back on your life . We all have one person that touched us or changed the course of our life in a positive way. Perhaps it was your parent or a teacher or a coach or a friend. You can be that person.

Our children look up to us as mentors and friends . We need to continue to set this selfless example of volunteering. There is no greater joy. If we all lend a hand, then each one of us carries a lighter load and we pass this legacy on to our children to do the same.

For those of you interested in volunteering please contact Steve at or at 905 881-8599