Adult League Indoor 2013-14 Information

We will offer the following with an 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm start time (based on 8-9 teams in each division and 2×25 min halves):

  • Division 1 (Premier) to play on Sundays
  • Division 2 will play on Mondays
  • Division 3 will play on Thursdays
  • Division 4 will play on Saturdays
  • Ladies will play on Fridays
  • The O-35 will play on Tuesdays
  • The O-40 or O-45 will play on Wednesdays


If there are 10 teams in a division, we will reduce the cost of each team by $100 (estimated) as the duration of games will change to 2×22.5 min halves and start times will be 8:00pm, 8:55pm, 9:50pm, 10:45pm and 11:40pm


Proposals for the Over-35, Over-40 and Over-45 divisions


  • Offer an Over-35 and an Over-45 division
    • Only 1 player in Over-35 allowed to be underage; restriction is the player must be 30 years old and is the goalie
    • 3 players allowed in the Over-45 division; restrictions are the players must be 40 years old and one of which is the goalie


  • Offer an Over-35 and an Over-40 division
    • Only 1 player in Over-35 allowed to be underage; restriction is the player must be 30 years old and is the goalie
    • Only 1 player in the Over-40 allowed to be underage; restriction is the player must be 35 years old and is the goalie


The season will start in mid-October and run until mid-April (if needed).


The cost this year is $3,450 (assuming the increase in the cost of the indoor facility is the same as last year; the cost to register each player with the OSA has already increased by $5 per player).


We will be offering spots to the teams that played indoor with us last year, the teams that played outdoor with us in 2013 and then accept new teams; we have already received requests from 5 new teams who want to join our league.


Feedback from the existing teams is required by no later than Sep 15/13; after that date I will be accepting the applications from new teams.

Information on Thornhill Adult Indoor Soccer League


For those teams who want to compare costs with other adult leagues and what these costs entail, the following provides information on the Thornhill Adult Indoor League:


  • Number of guaranteed games = 21 to 22
  • Number of game officials = 2 referees
  • Sportsmanship award of up to $500 for divisions with 10 teams included in the team fee
    • Sportsmanship award is calculate by multiplying the number of teams in the division by $50
  • Cash award of $250 for the league champion team and $125 for the 2nd place team is included in the team fee
  • Cash award of $250 for the Cup champion team and $125 for the finalist team is included in the team fee
  • OSA registration fee of $20 per player included in the team fee; teams may sign up 20 players without an additional fee
  • Referee fee of $60 per game ($30 per team)  is included in the team fee; there are 2 referees for each game
  • Convenor fee of $10 per game ($5 per team) is included in the team fee.
  • User fee of $170 per hour/game ($85 per team) is included in the team fee


The cost per game per player (assuming 20 players) is roughly $8.20.

The cost per player for the season (assuming 20 players) is roughly $172.50.


When comparing costs, it is important to include all costs and then calculate the cost per player, along with the cost per player per game.


You should also consider quality of referees, payment options (do you need to pay all fees up-front?), fine structure, if any, and scheduling flexibility (always on same day? Consideration for religious holidays, etc., and what information is provided during the season (standings, cards accumulated, sportsmanship awards, etc.).


To encourage teams to pay their league fees earlier in the season, the following payment options will be implemented with the start of the 2014 Indoor season:


Team fee fully paid by November 30, 2013 = $3,450

Team fee fully paid by December 31, 2013 =              $3,600

Team fee fully paid by January 31, 2014 =                  $3,750

Team fee fully paid by February 28, 2014 =    $3,900

Team fees not paid by February 28, 2014 are subject to an additional $100 surcharge per month.

If your team chooses to pay for each game then the per game fee =  $225 (this option is not recommended as the fee must be paid before the team is allowed to play the game, and it is a very costly option for your team).