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TSC Tryouts

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Thornhill Soccer Club uses the player tryout selection process to find the right set of players to form teams that can compete at the highest possible levels. This does not always mean selection of the best individual players. Skill on the field is definitely an important factor, but other less quantitative factors are considered such as attitude, vision, decision-making and work-ethic.

Teams require different players to perform different roles. There are strikers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers. Within each group you may want one strong/physical player, one very fast player, one player with extreme foot skills, and another player who has strong vision and can read the game as it unfolds. You may want different players to take on the roles of acquisition, distribution, and transportation of the ball.

The purpose of the tryout, and the job of the tryout evaluators, is to incorporate all of these factors and find the right combination of skills, attitudes, and roles to build a competitive team.

What To Wear

  • Players must be properly dressed for the tryout. They must wear appropriate footwear and shin guards must be worn under, and completely covered by, the sock.
  • Players must not wear jewellery of any kind. This includes necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets of any kind (including rubber bracelets).
  • Players are required to bring a properly inflated ball of the appropriate size for the age group for which they are trying out.  Players must also bring an adequate supply of water.

Time And Duration

  • Each tryout consists of two sessions. Players are not required to attend both days, but being there both days significantly improves a player’s chances of being selected to a team. In some instances, players may be called back for a third day of tryouts. If you cannot make both days then you must notify the tryout coordinators who will in turn notify the tryout evaluators.
  • Each tryout session lasts for 1-2 hours. Players need to be properly hydrated before each tryout session and will be given multiple water breaks during the tryout sessions.


  • Upon arrival, players must check-in with the tryout coordinators. On the first day players will receive a pinney bearing their tryout number. On subsequent days, after checking in, players must find that same pinney bearing that same tryout number.
  • Players must then move onto the tryout field to warm-up. Warm-ups are typically informal. Players warm-up with their own ball and work with other players who are there for the tryout. Parents are not permitted on the tryout field.

Tryout Format

The tryout itself is very much like a typical practice. Players will be divided into groups and run through some individual drills, transition to small sided games, and eventually on to larger, full sided games. Players will be given water breaks and stay in the tryout area during breaks. Parents are to remain OUTSIDE of the tryout area.

There will be multiple tryout evaluators managing the tryout. Some of the evaluators are coaches of the teams in the specific age group and gender that is being evaluated. Other evaluators include other Thornhill Soccer Club coaches and Assistant Coaches who are assisting in the selection process.

The tryout evaluators are looking for the right combination of players to form the most competitive teams possible. They will be watching the players and taking notes on individuals and associating those comments with the jersey number worn by that player.

Evaluators will exchange information and point out certain players to other evaluators who may want to take a closer look. All the feedback is then gathered and given to the coaches of the teams being formed. It is those coaches who are responsible for making the final decisions on which players are selected.

Click here for try-out dates and times  TRYOUT SCHEDULE