Policy and Procedures

The Thornhill Soccer Club Board of Directors has formally adopted to adhere to and follow the policies and procedures as listed below:

Ontario Soccer’s discipline and appeals policies and procedures
Vulnerable Screening Policy (Risk management) as per Ontario Soccer policy
Equity Policy (as per Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Tobacco Free Policy (as per Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Healthy Snack Policy (as per Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Communication Policy (as per Ontario Soccer guidelines) as it pertains to website, Twitter account, Facebook
Agreements of Service (Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Conflict of Interest (Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Privacy Policy (Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Accessibility of Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act (Ontario Soccer guidelines)
Gender Equity (Ontario Soccer policy)
Harassment Policy (Ontario Soccer and TSC’s Zero Tolerance Policy)
Dispute Resolution Policy (Ontario Soccer policy)
Code of Conduct (Players, team officials, referees, volunteers, Board members and staff
Nominations to the Board of Directors
Proxy voting policy and procedures
Duties of Board of Directors
Refund Policy
Inclement Weather Policy (Ontario Soccer guidelines0