Thornhill Soccer Club – Healthy Snack Policy


In light of the fact that obesity and nutrition-related diseases are on the rise in North America, the Thornhill Soccer Club Soccer Club feel that promotion and modeling of healthy eating habits and balanced lifestyles to members of our Club can play a crucial part in this issue. Whether as Players, Team Officials, Match Officials or as Supporters we all have a part to play. With the support of The OS Club Excellence program, we are committed to helping improve the well­ being of our community and in doing so have implemented a Healthy Snack Policy since September 1, 2015.








A Healthy Snack Policy empowers participants to nourish their bodies appropriately and limit ingredients that will impede performance or wellness. Children learn about healthy eating at school and need a supportive environment, both at home and in the community, to help put those lessons into action. The Thornhill Soccer Club will help make this happen. Community sports also provide adults with an opportunity to become role models for healthy eating. As such, the expectation is that half-time snacks, pre-game meals and post-game meals are to be healthy. Healthy foods and beverages are those that fall within Canada’s Food Guide and align with the web links below. The Thornhill Soccer Club Healthy Snack Policy is maintained regardless of:

Playing Level

Home or Away