TSC Inclement Weather Policy

TSC Inclement Weather Policy

The safety of players, coaches, and spectators is the primary concern during all Thornhill Soccer Club (TSC) activities. Even though activities are scheduled rain or shine, they will proceed only as long as it is safe to do so.


Weather Notifications and Field Closures

TSC permits all of its fields from the City of Markham and is subject to the City’s  Field Closure policies. The City of Markham may close the fields in the event of heavy rainfall or other field related issues at some parks and not at others. If the fields are closed by the City, TSC will make every effort to reschedule all of those cancelled games.


When weather could be an issue, games may be cancelled by the Club the day of. TSC will post notification on the club’s website by 5:00pm when games are cancelled due to weather or other circumstances.


No Notice of Cancellation – After 5:00pm

The decision to start or to continue a game will be made at the field by the Referee. These decisions are final.


For those activities that do not have a referee present, the Coach (Team Leader) and/or Technical Staff will make the decision whether to remove the team or individuals in the event of dangerous weather.


Regardless of the decisions made by the Club, Referee, Coach (Team Leader), or Technical Staff, participants (and/or their legal guardians) should always use their own judgement when a thunderstorm or other dangerous weather is present.


Lightning Policy

TSC follows the Lightning Safety / Severe Weather Policy as set out by the Ontario Soccer Association. The policy is as follows:


For games or practices, use the 30/30 Flash to Bang Rule to monitor lightning for evacuation of the playing field to a safer environment. If the time from when you see lightning to hearing thunder is 30 seconds or less, play will be suspended for at least 30 minutes.


Lightning awareness should begin with the first flash of lightning seen or thunder clap heard.

Know where the closest safe structure or location is to the field. If no enclosed structures are available, fully enclosed vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, vans, etc. with the windows rolled up provide good shelter from lightning. Never stand under trees, in an open field, or under an umbrella.


An activity should not be resumed until at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder.


For more details and to read the entire Lightning Safety / Severe Weather Policy, visit www.ontariosoccer.net.


Heat / Humidex Policy

Even though high temperatures and/or humidex warnings may be in place, TSC activities will continue. Games are not cancelled due to extreme heat however the following measures will be in place to keep everyone safe during their games and practices:

Ø  Extra water and rest breaks will be implemented by Technical Staff and Referees

Ø  During practice sessions, the pace will be kept slow and easy


For more information on how to avoid and prevent heat related injuries, visit www.ontariosoccer.net